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We then oil the hides. After they are oiled we hang them up to dry.

After the hides are dried we tumble them in a mixture of corn cob grit and mineral spirits to soften them up. The last step we do is cage the hides to clean out the hair and leather side.

When we receive your hide we will give you a customer number, which is punched into your hide. When your hide is finished we will match the punch number to your ticket number,

After the hides have been shaved and Hyde mastered we put them in the tank which is our tanner. The hides are in a solution for 24 hours then rinsed and drained for our next step.

From there your furs will go into a rehydrator, which makes your fur pliable. We then put the hides in a pickle which is just a mixture of water, salt, and acid. It neutralizes the hide so bacteria can no longer grow while it is being shaved and Hyde mastered. To the right is a beaver before and after it has been shaved.

Our Process