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How to prep fur for tanning?

When sending a whole carcass or skinned fur just simply freeze your fur and send. Try to avoid freezing and thawing your animal and warm temperatures for this could cause the hide to rot which can cause the fur to slip.

When fleshing a hide please be sure to get all of the excess meat and fat off. You can then dry it on a stretching board or use salt to dry your fur down. (*Make sure you split the tail when drying your hide, by not doing this the tail may not dry properly which could cause it to rot and slip.)

Do I need to put money down?

No you will be called when your furs are done being tanned; a total amount will be provided over the phone. Once the payment is received skins will be shipped. 

Friendly reminders:

  • Please be sure to fill out and send an order form with your fur. This sheet can be found and printed off of our website. 
  • We will not take in any fur/hides that is missing a required cites tag or special permit. Please be sure it is attached to the animal.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of being contacted, if payment is not received in this time a 2% interest will be added onto your bill. After 90 days if payment is still not received SCT can sell your tanned goods to pay for the cost of tanning.
  • Every hide is different; the health of the animal or weather could affect the outcome of the final product. Improper handling of the fur such as freezing and thawing or warm temperatures can cause it to rot or slip.
  • Although we will do our best to insure a good quality tan there is a chance a hide may not take to the tanning process which could be caused by numerous reasons. Please note that SCT will take in fur but it will be tanned at the owner’s risk.

How do you ship a raw fur?

When you are shipping a raw fur you can put it in a bag and freeze it. When you are ready to ship put the frozen skin in an insulated box, please ship on a Monday or Tuesday and try to avoid shipping raw hides through the post office.

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